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• KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid Telephone System, 3 CO's, 8 stations, expandable to 8 CO's, 24 stations

Digital Hybrid IP-PBX Systems (KX-TDA) These Systems and Components are sold, installed and serviced exclusively by local Panasonic KX-TDA Certified Dealers.


* Room-to-room intercom
* Flexible line buttons
* Flexible ring assignment
* Room monitor
* Conferencing
* Night day and lunch mode settings
* Optional built-in messaging card (KX-TA82492)
* Central office voice mail compatible
* Panasonic voice mail system integration
* Caller ID, call waiting/logging
* Single-line device integration
* Backlit display and dial keypad
* Doorphone and door/gate opener
* System speed dial
* Toll restriction
* Paging and page pickup
* Direct inward system access with outgoing message and fax detection
* Off-premises call forwarding
* Background music when using external music device
* PC programming (remote and on-site system administration)
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Specification: [Phone_spec.pdf]